Anonymous said,
"Are you familiar with the rumour that Armitage is gay?"

I’m not aware of a real ‘rumor’ that he is gay…I’m only aware of some posts I see that link him with Lee Pace/other dwarves, etc…or fan fiction depicting the same.

The actual evidence based on interviews and articles is that he is straight.  Why do you want to know?  And why are you asking me this anyway?  I’m having a terrible day and really don’t care for these questions about his personal life and I’m only posting this just so hopefully no one else will ever ask me this.  His personal life is his personal life and it’s private and he deserves to have it that way.  Whether it’s one thing or the other it’s no one’s business but his.

And I’m sorry I always try to answer things nicely but stuff like this really pisses me off…it’s normal to be curious about people but let’s be respectful of him.

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  1. laoih said: I’m afraid this rumour exists for every male actor… -_- There are enough evidence from interviews that he’s not gay. … I wonder why people want all people always to be gay. @.@ Statistically it’s not even very likely…
  2. gabthechief said: preach it! It’s one thing to be a fan of him, but another to be invasive of his personal life.
  3. khalessiof221b said: Come on now? Really with this damn rumor again!?
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